The Great Korean Road Trip – Day 13 – Museom Folk Village

Today, we headed inland again. After nearly two weeks on the road, I had my eyes and heart set on finally adding 1 more to my count UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Confucian Academies of Korea were added to the WHS list roughly a month ago. While sites have been added while I’ve lived here, this is the first time where a site is added BEFORE I visit it. Sosu Seowon was my stop and honestly, it was just okay. The architecture is similar to most Korean palaces and temples so it didn’t particularly stand out. I hope to have a better experience at one of the other 8 Seowon.

Buseoksa Temple was on the way, so I gave it a shot. I’ve been to 4 of the other 7 “Sansa” temples registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, but this one REALLY takes the term “mountain temple” to heart. Maybe it was the extreme heat, but climbing all of those steps took its toll. I found this temple particularly beautiful, mainly because it sits resting on Seobaeksan National Park.

I was just about done for the day and was heading to Andong when I was dying to find a bathroom. Yes, that part is relevant. You see, bathrooms, especially around cultural sites, are often decorated with pictures of nearby cultural wonders. This time, a village that looked similar to Hahoe Folk Village caught my attention. Upon searching for it on my Kakao Maps (don’t ever use google maps in Korea), it turned out it was on my way. Off I was to Museom village.

Museom Folk Village is a miniature version of Hahoe, similarly nestled around a horseshoe river. The only way in is a tiny bridge from an off road. I got there an hour before sunset and it was more than enough time to explore around. The highlight was this super cool and narrow bridge that crosses the river. It is not for the faint of heart, but you wont die even if you fall.

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