The Great Korean Road Trip – Intro

Every year, I flirt around with an idea so absurd, so outrageous, and so unrealistic that I quickly chicken out and find something else to do after considering my options. I am, of course, talking about, the Great Korean Road Trip and yeah, it’s probably not THAT crazy. While I admit that there are a lot of interesting little places in this peninsula, they are simply too expensive to pay for accommodation, train tickets, short term car rentals, and so on for a weekend trip. However, when I think about my fondest memories in other countries, it is those less known spots, those hard to reach places, and those unexpected charms (rule of 3 for emphasis) that build the best memories. This is what brings us to today! I’ve put off the idea of this road trip for too long and it is finally happening.

This is where I am heading to first. Ganghwa-do.

I am on the road for close to a month, starting today yesterday (couldn’t download my pics last night, of all the things to forget at home)! In this time, I hope to explore those very ‘nooks and crannies’ of Korea like never before~~~~~! (cue, exciting music). The concept will be rather simple. I will be posting daily to recap one or two ‘smallish’ highlights. Maybe a particular hike that was cool, a mural area that was interesting, or a charming cafe that did it for me. Oh and yes, maybe a UNESCO World Heritage Site or two. While there will be some UNESCO tid bits here and there, I will save a more in depth analysis of those for later. This is my first time ever blogging WHILE traveling (not my thing, usually) so gotta keep it simple. I hope you enjoy. Oh, and check out my map below. I spent a few days making it.

Road Trip Korea
Korea World Heritage Map
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