Eating America #5 – Cowgirl Cafe #2 (American Style Breakfast)
California Style Breakfast - Cowgirl cafe 2
California Style Breakfast

If there is one comfort food that I just can’t life without, it is an American style breakfast. Before I found an acceptable and nearby American-style breakfast near my apartment in Korea, I ate that disgusting Mcdonald’s Deluxe breakfast with a huge smile on my face. After all, something was better than nothing.

When done correctly though, there is something about perfectly scrambled eggs, freshly brewed coffee, deliciously crisp hash browns, thick slices of pure bacon, and big juicy sausages that hits every microscopic taste bud in your mouth at full power. It is probably the only heavy food that wakes me up instead of making me sleepy. Alright, fine, it’s probably the huge pot of coffee.

Country Fried Steak and Eggs - cowgirl cafe
Country Fried Steak and Eggs

The very best American style breakfast is in the suburb town of Norco, California. The Cowgirl Cafe #2 makes Denny’s, IHOP, and any other mom and pop shop taste like garbage! The food is amazing, the service is excellent, the prices aren’t bad at all, and the portions are enormous. It’s only flaw is that they don’t accept credit cards, but with an ATM on premises, that is a very small price to pay for the godly meals you receive.

My favorite is the “Kitchen Sink Omelet” which mixes pretty much every possible ingredient into one humongous egg case. However, I recently tried the California style breakfast and country steak and eggs, and they were both amazing. You just can’t go wrong no matter what you get! If you are in the area, do not miss your chance to stop by the Cowgirl Cafe #2.

pancake - cowgirl cafe
This is a single, enormous pancake. It is bigger than 3 of any other place.


Note: After looking online, the one in Norco seems to be part of a small, five-restaurant franchise, which might explain why this one is “#2.” I can vouch for just this one.

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