3 Stupid Things People do in Other Countries

While you’re on vacation, I understand that you are excited and aren’t exactly yourself. You might do things that you wouldn’t normally do, eat things that you wouldn’t normally eat, or even flare up a romance you wouldn’t normally go for. An expected part of traveling is taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone in the attempt to understand another culture better, or of course, it could simply be to have fun. However, there are a few things that, as much as I think about it, I can’t seem to understand why anyone thought it was a good idea. Here are three stupid things people do in other countries:

1) Wear hideous clothes

Stupid Things People Do - Clothes
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You are preparing for a trip, and while packing your bags, you come across some clothes that you received as a gift but never wore. The tag might still be on it. You figure, “Hey, no one knows me in that country, I’ll wear it on the trip.” There is only one minor problem with this logic, it is still ugly, no matter where you wear it! I am no fashionista, but I am aware that location doesn’t instantly make clothes look cooler. If it wasn’t good enough to wear back home, just leave it in the closet. If you feel bad for never wearing it, donate it to someone in need.


2) Are too cautious

 Stupid Things People Do - Locks
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Let’s start with locks. Some people look like they are carrying a shipment from Fort Knox in their bag. While I don’t typically bother to use locks on my bags, I am not saying it is a bad idea, but don’t overdo it. If you are walking around with your backpack on your back, I can’t really see a reason to have a lock then and there. I am sure your water bottle and sweater will be safe, and you will avoid looking ridiculous when you have to unlock your bag for every mundane object you need.

Furthermore, if you fly through the US, the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) is authorized to open your bags as they please and break the lock if you don’t use their approved locks. I can’t imagine why anyone would check-in anything very valuable or important in the first place (instead of carrying it on). With that said, why would you lock clothes and other invaluable things? If you must, check these out.

Moreover, I understand watching your back and being aware of your surroundings. However, using these ridiculous things make you look like you don’t belong more than having your passport in your damn pocket. They kind of scream, “Steal from me, I’m a tourist.”


3) Trash the Place

Stupid Things People Do - Trash
Credit: http://treasuresfromtheroad.com/unpacking-in-paradise/

While this doesn’t necessarily pertain to traveling, it is something people tend to do when they are not in their home country. It is like if not being held accountable by your own laws registers as, “You can do whatever you want and get away with it.” Take for example, the case of these geniouses in the US military, stationed in Seoul, who thought it was a good idea to open fire at pedestrians with BB guns, in the middle of Seoul. When approached by cops, they figured they would get away with it if they drove to the US military base. While I am admittedly not licensed to give legal advice, I think I can safely say: this was a stupid ass idea. Please don’t trash a country just because you are not a citizen of it. Remember that regardless of where you are, some people call that place, home.

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