I think it is safe to say that my lifestyle of living abroad over the last few years has changed me as a person. While traveling wasn’t something I thought much about when I started college, now, it is something that is constantly on my mind.  I am always looking forward to the next destination, the next adventure. It is strange how people change, but it is also interesting how they stay the same.

One of my oldest hobbies has been taking pictures of animals and plants. Now that I travel more, I sometimes mix my love of nature with my new-found love of travel. My post and evaluation on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sian Ka’an is a good example on how the two hobbies have mixed and that same site’s high score can attest to how biased I am to a place with fantastic flora and fauna.

While I travel, I take many pictures of sites I see, or sometimes, people I meet. While these are the pictures you have seen on this site so far, I have been secretly hoarding many great shots of plants and animals because frankly, I didn’t know where they could fit. While I am a self proclaimed nature lover, I must admit that my knowledge of plants and animals is below average, and sometimes even the most basic names elude me (mostly plants).

I will post a new plant or animal picture once a week. Sometimes, it will just be to share, and sometimes, it will be because I need some help in identifying the species. I have seen some success in other sites, and am quite impressed at readers’ knowledge, especially when it comes to scientific names. I know this post was a bit long winded, but most will be short with a single picture and a short description. I hope you enjoy:

Episode #1: Mimic Butterfly or Moth?

Pretty cool camouflage.
Pretty cool camouflage.

This is a pretty cool moth (I think) that I found while exploring Sian Ka’an. While I have posted this picture before, I think it warrants another look. Notice how when it stands still like this (it was motionless for about a minute) it looks like a dangerous animal’s face. I am always impressed by mimickers (is that a real word). What do you think? Have you seen it before? What its the scientific name? Any help would be appreciated.

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